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The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts offers private online coaching for actors to help them prepare for upcoming auditions, jobs, cold readings, or to work on the material you provide to stay sharp.

In the intimate one-on-one setting of the Virtual Classroom, the Faculty applies the latest acting technique “The Art of Thinking” specifically to the material provided by the student. They explore what they need to know before, during and after their audition. This technique is taught in several of America’s top universities and applied by “A” list professionals in the industry.


The technique will facilitate a manual of steps and exercises for rehearsals and delivery of auditions, analysis, and exercises of the process of thinking. A study of how the subtext must be organic and continuously flowing. It explores the importance of being present in this reality and applying the same principle to an imaginary world. A full description and explanation of how the unconscious of a character must be created using “The Four databases of information”.

Audition Technique


 Cold Reading 


 Business of Acting            


 Private Coaching

Principio Online CO


Professional actors  with high degrees from top Universities. 

Self Tape Audition

Self-tape is the future of auditioning. The Academy knows exactly what is expected of these auditions and how to make our clients truly hit their mark. 

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Only US$ 80 per hour

*24 Hour cancellation policy

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