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Mime Artists

Online TV & Film Acting Program

The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts is proud to present a professional online Tv & Film acting program developed to train actors in any location and at any time. The program is taught through personalized video conferences in our virtual classrooms.

The training is reinforced with reading material, exercises, homework, and performances that will be published on social media platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter. 

Hapa Online


The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts trains its students with the unique acting technique “The Art of Thinking”. This technique is taught in several of America’s top universities and applied by “A” list professionals in the industry. 

The Teachers

Our teachers are working actors in Hollywood with BFA and MFA degrees from top universities.   

The Virtual Classrooms

“Natural Communication Unique Collaboration Tools”


HAPA Online has designed virtual classrooms using accessible and innovative tools to create a safe and professional environment for teaching and training over the Internet. 

For registration and more information go to the menu and click "Student Profile"

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