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“The Art of Thinking” is a sequence of analysis and exercises that study the process of thinking. The exploration of subtext is critical during any scene.  Students will learn how to build the unconscious of a character using “The Four databases of information”. Fundamental acting techniques will be used further - Stanislavsky, Grotowski, Meisner, Adler and Linklater.


The student will have theatrical presentations and film self-tape auditions. Instructors will provide detailed Script Analysis and Character Building Analysis. Students will also be able to utilize the online platforms, the industry visits and workshops.

The program

Each Module has 4 live  Video Conferences led by Professors of the Academy, working Actors in Hollywood with high degrees in top Universities.

Our Virtual Classrooms are reinforced with reading material, exercises, homework, and Performances in Social Media Platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, or Twitter.

Tuition per Module

$80 American Dollars

Each Module consists of 4 online classes per month. 

Class duration: 1 Hr.

Time and day booked directly through the Academy.


Being – Opening to the camera 

Process of thought – Following the thought

Alexander Technique


Personalization of text

Health / workout / diet / meditation


Free Play


Commedia dell' arte




Free Play

Absurd Text

Classic Text

Traditional Text of the hosting country

Modern Text

Foreign Language Text


Auditioning for the Camera



Green Screen

Improvisation II

Free Play II

Making of your Demo Reel



Marketing and Public Relations

Information about the industry and new media

Online Auditions and Self-Tapes

The students will study with the latest and most practical acting material. 

A serious Drama Program that combines Classic training with modern forms of expression.

Personalized LIVE classes with professional working actors.

Immerse the students in new forms of performance and exposure, social media like Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Introduce the students to casting directors throughout the world.

Lectures online with top industry people from Hollywood and across the Globe.

Prepare the students for a professional environment with tools of marketing and Public Relations.

Our Graduated Talent has the opportunity to apply for internships and teaching positions in any location throughout the world where the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts has a base.

The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts helps the Graduates that want to move to Los Angeles with Orientation and information about Visas, living situation, and everyday life.

Development of awareness of self: mind, body, and voice.

Development of awareness of others: collaboration and empathy.

Rhetoric/ Eloquence: clarity and creativity in the communication of verbal and nonverbal ideas.

Deepen understanding of human behavior: motivation, diversity, culture, and history.

Improvement of social skills.

Openness to acceptance.

Tuition per Module:      $80 U.S. Dollars

Beginning of Classes:    NOW
Time:                               Book sessions online
Location:                         Online