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Reynaldo Pacheco
CEO & Founder

Reynaldo Pacheco has quickly become the latest Ethnically ambiguous star in Hollywood. He has received massive critical acclaim and an Imagen Award Nomination for his touching breakthrough role in "Our Brand Is Crisis"; starring opposite Sandra Bullock / Billy Bob Thornton and produced by George Clooney / Grant Heslov. Reynaldo's past credits include a lead role in "Without Men", opposite Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, and Judy Reyes. He also starred in "The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez" opposite the legendary Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine, and had a supporting role in "Beginners", opposite Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer in Plummer's Academy Award-winning performance. 


Ale PACHECO_2.jpg
Alejandra Pacheco
Executive Director & Founder

Alejandra studied at the ¨Universidad Privada Boliviana¨ where she received her Bachelors in Corporate Communication and Marketing. In 2015, two years after founding HAPA, she moved to the United Kingdom to complete her master’s degree in Global Media Management at the University of Southampton. In 2017, Alejandra worked for a globally recognized UK-Charity called ¨One Young World¨. She had the opportunity to work with global humanitarian leaders such as Kofi Annan, Jérome Jarre, Muhammad Yunus among others. Alejandra has performed in several theatre musicals such as Grease, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago and Hairspray. Alejandra has been the lead actor in many national commercials such as Pepsi, Viva, Tigo, Banco Union and Boliviana Ciacruz.


Operations Managers


Silvia Alejandra Aguilar

Psychologist graduated from the UMSS, specialized in Organizational Psychology, Senior Consultant in Personnel Selection, Facilitator in experiential workshops and personal growth programs, a Post-graduate teacher in the organizational area and Operation Manager in Cochabamba, from 2013 start of operations of the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts in Bolivia.


Natalia Camacho

Graduated from the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts. Actress and Bachelor of Social Communication Sciences. “Drácula” (Bram Stoker), “Show de Alcantarilla” (Scarlet Rodriguez), “Ansia de Sarah Kayne”, “12 hombres sin piedad de Reginald Rose y Stabat Mater” (Camila Rocha). Production and Casting in advertising spots and movies.

Los Angeles' Faculty

Timothy Marc Hopper

Timothy Marc Hopper is a Marine veteran with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film/Theatre from the California Institute of the Arts. He is an alumni of the Groundlings Comedy Improv school and currently, he works with Sony Pictures Entertainment in their Current TV Programming department. He also volunteers with the Veterans in Media and Entertainment (VME) curating top veteran applicants for highly competitive internships and fellowships within the entertainment industry, along with developing and organizing their events, workshops, and guest speakers. Additionally, Timothy attends UCLA in pursuit of a Business & Management of Entertainment Certificate and simultaneously is finishing up a Masters of Fine Arts: Screenwriting degree. 

Rachel Applebom

Rachel is a multi-faceted teacher and performer with an M.F.A. in acting from USC and a B.A. in Biology from Cornell University.  She is currently employed as an actress (SAG & EMC), puppeteer/ puppet wrangler (The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow-Season 2), and pianist (The Queen Mary).  Recent TV credits include The Last Ship, Stevie TV, The Good Season, The Eric Andre Show, and  Just Seen It. She also has an extensive improv and sketch background with training at UCB, and Puppet Up! (Brian Henson's improv troupe) and having performed for several years with The Second City. 

As a teacher with over 15 years of, Rachel works to help actors reach their peak potential by expanding their physical, emotional, and cerebral knowledge/range of the craft- she is particularly skilled at identifying students' various learning styles and working with them to develop their own approach and process to scene work and character creation.

La Paz's Faculty

Luis Caballero

He started his career with David Mondacca. He participated in theater projects directed by Denisse Arancibia, Javier Soria, Antonio Torres, Antonio Peredo, Wara Cajías, Mario Aguirre, France Oblitas, Luis Gacía-Tornel, Gino Ostuni, Fernando Arze, Miguel Angel Estellano, Cacho Mendieta among others. He participated in the movie " Érase una vez en Bolivia", " La cacería del nazzi", "Z" and " Engaño a primera vista ".


Carmencita Guillén

Bolivian. Actress, director, and costume designer. Member of "Teatro Grito" since 1998 with intervention in all his works.

She participated in several national and international theater festivals in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Germany.

She obtained the Honorable Mention for Best Director in the IV “Raúl Salmón de la Barra” Contest (2010) and for Best Direction at the XV Intercollegiate Theater Festival "Indivisa Manent”. The children's plays she wrote and directed won several national awards.

In addition to her constant activity in the stage, she devotes herself to teaching theater for children, adolescents and young people in different institutions of La Paz.

Bernardo_2 copy.jpg

Bernardo Arancibia

Member of “Teatro Grito” since 1998. He represented Bolivia in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru. Awarded as Best Actor at the "Diablo de Oro" International Film Festival 2017, for the film "Las Malcogidas" which was chosen as the best film of the "Eduardo Abaroa" Award 2017. Winner of the "Eduardo Abaroa" Award 2016 for Best Theater Actor. Mention for Best Actor in IV Municipal Theater Contest "Raúl Salmón de la Barra" (2010).

Daniela Lema

She approached the theater in a professional manner in 2006. She worked with Sergio Caballero, Marcelo Sosa, Fernando Arze, Antonio Torres, Eduardo Calla, Maritza Wilde, Cristian Mercado, Carmencita Guillén, among others.

She has participated in Cinema in the films “Cruces”, “Casting”, “Los Olvidados” and “Carga Sellada”, for this last one she traveled representing Bolivia in the Film Festival of Lima, Peru and in the Festival of Cinema do Gramado, Brazil. For her role played in “Carga Sellada”, she won the Best Actress Award at the “Recontres du Cinema” Festival in Marseille, France.

Enrique Gorena

He has founded together with Darío Torres the "Teatro La Cueva" with 18 years of experience. As playwright Gorena is the author of several plays that have been represented by his group on stages in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba and Italy.

He has also published two of his works in the renowned specialized theater magazine "Conjunto" of Casa de las Américas in Havana.

As a director, Gorena has been invited to work abroad with artists from Argentina and Chile. He currently directs a Theater Research and Training Laboratory in La Paz, Santa Cruz, Sucre, Potosí and Cochabamba, deepening on Staging and Dramaturgy.

Santa Cruz's Faculty

Emi Chávez Rios

Actress, pedagogue, promoter and sociocultural manager. Graduated from the National Theater School of the Bolivian Catholic University, UCB. In Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Since 1996 she has been part of important theatrical groups of Bolivia. Among the most recognized of these groups are: “Choboreca”, “Teatro Animal”, “La señora del frente” and “Proyecto Henna”, among many others.

She is currently immersed as director and actress in theatrical and audiovisual projects that will be released during the years 2018 and 2019.

Mary Carmen Monje

Bachelor of Performing Arts from the National Theater School of Bolivia, she has been working hard in the Theater since 1999, also venturing into the Video. Actress, Director of Theater and Cultural Manager. She has studied acting with important masters from France, Spain, Bolivia and Argentina. she has participated in important theater groups, attending various National and International Theater Festivals. Co-founder of “El Baúl Teatro”, theater group that has been working in Santa Cruz since 2006 and with which until now she has premiered more than 10 plays.

Cochabamba's Faculty

Valeria Campos

Professional in the areas of Psychology and Sociology, simultaneously she studied and worked in Theater. She has more than 10 years of experience in the educational area and more than 8 years of working with people both in groups and individually in therapy, artistic work and personal growth. She is also a facilitator in performing arts, trained in Reengineering, Barcelona-Spain, teacher and trainer in schools in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz and university teacher in Cochabamba.

Daniel Larrazábal

Independent actor nowadays, he started and belonged to the “Kikinteatro” from March 1999 to April 2007.

He worked with the “Teatro Invisible” directed by Alejandra Lanza.

He worked and does it sporadically with “El Masticadero” company directed by Claudia Eid.

He participates regularly in national and international theater festivals.

He has participated in several short films as well as in national and international feature films.

He currently teaches at the AISB school and the HAPA academy in Cochabamba.


Isabel Fraile

Bachelor of Education and General Basic Teacher from UMCE, Chile.

Actress, formed through different workshops theater schools, in Sgto. From Chile.

In Bolivia, her first participation was in "Los monólogos de la vagina", in 2013 with the Colectivo G. That same year she was part of the theater group of the mARTadero. In 2014 he joined the cast of the Cochabamba company "El Masticadero" under the direction of Claudia Eid. Plays in which she has participated: "Los infelices" presentations in Sucre and Cochabamba, "Princesas" presentations in Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and "El Deseo" with presentations in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz.

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