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Actress on a Stage


The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts is home to the unique Acting technique “The Art of Thinking”. This technique is the core study of the program, also taught in several of America’s top Universities and applied by “A” list actors. 

“The Art of Thinking” entails sequences of analysis and exercises that study the process of thinking. The subtext must be organic and continuously flowing. It must give birth to text and movement unexpectedly. It explores the importance of being present in this reality and applying the same principle to an imaginary world. A full description and explanation of how the unconscious of a character must be created using “The Four databases of information”.

Once our students are fully present and have the ability to think organically between the lines, “The Art of Thinking” will be applied to the rest of the existing techniques – Stanislavsky, Grotowsky, Meinsner, Adler, Linklater, etc. Furthermore, the students get to study different types of Text and Dialogue – Classic, Absurd, Contemporary, TV, Film, Solo Performance, Novels, Poetry and/or a different text from the mother tongue. Finally, different forms of drama and expression are applied to modern performance such as Clown, Taichi, Yoga, Free Play, Commedia dell’ arte, etc.

Dramatic Actress

Our Associates

• Academic Associations

HAPA has enjoyed a cooperative relationship with the University of La Salle in Bolivia.
The University of Southern California provides our students a waived application fee to the acting program.
University of Southern California
Universidad La Salle Bolivia

• Hollywood Fringe

As part of the "On Stage" experience, the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts prepares the students for the "Hollywood Fringe", the most important theatre festival in Los Angeles  Students will have the opportunity to share their work with the community.

Hollywood Fringe

• New Filmmakers Los Ángeles

The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts has become a partner of New Filmmakers Los Angeles. Students will be able to attend monthly film festivals, red carpets, and screenings of documentaries, short and feature films that have been submitted from all over the world. Every event will host a Q&A with emerging filmmakers around the world. This joint venture also includes an after-party invitation where HAPA students can connect with filmmakers, talent, and industry professionals.

 New Filmmakers Los Ángeles

The Founders

Reynaldo Pacheco

CEO & Founder

Reynaldo Pacheco has quickly become the latest Ethnically ambiguous star in Hollywood. He has received massive critical acclaim and an Imagen Award Nomination for his touching breakthrough role in "Our Brand Is Crisis"; starring opposite Sandra Bullock / Billy Bob Thornton and produced by George Clooney / Grant Heslov. Reynaldo's past credits include a lead role in "Without Men", opposite Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, and Judy Reyes. He also starred in "The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez" opposite the legendary Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine, and had a supporting role in "Beginners", opposite Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer in Plummer's Academy Award-winning performance. 

Alejandra Pacheco

Executive Director & Founder

Alejandra studied at the ¨Universidad Privada Boliviana¨ where she received her Bachelors in Corporate Communication and Marketing. In 2015, two years after founding HAPA, she moved to the United Kingdom to complete her master’s degree in Global Media Management at the University of Southampton. In 2017, Alejandra worked for a globally recognized UK-Charity called ¨One Young World¨. She had the opportunity to work with global humanitarian leaders such as Kofi Annan, Jérome Jarre, Muhammad Yunus among others. Alejandra has performed in several theatre musicals such as Grease, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago, and Hairspray. Alejandra has been the lead actor in many national commercials such as Pepsi, Viva, Tigo, Banco Union, and Boliviana Ciacruz.
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