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Online Script Writing

An online program that offers a comprehensive study of feature film storytelling with an emphasis on structure, character development, creative writing, and an overall understanding of the 10 genres of cinema. Our online platform allows our professional teachers to actively interact and collaborate with the students. The mission is to challenge the student’s thinking and to nurture the creative process.

The program teaches the student “the standard scriptwriting format” used in Hollywood productions, which is the language and terminology of producers, investors, studios, and well-known writers in the industry of Hollywood. This is essential to have a clean, organized, and marketable final screenplay.

We strongly believe that the students must learn the structure of film before breaking it apart and experimenting with their own storytelling.  

Upon the completion of the program, the students will have created their own screenplay, a package of presentations. They will have acquired practical information for submissions to festivals, agents, and competitions.

HAPA FILM SCRIPT is a great tool for actors to analyze a script, break down the scenes, follow the beats, and deeply understand the arch of narration of most films.

For registration go to the menu and click "Student Profile"

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