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Online American Accent

The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts is proud to present a professional online accent reduction program developed by Audrey LeCrone. 

​Many actors who don’t have the American accent perfected get pushed into an “ethnic” box by agents and casting directors and never get seen for their full potential. Make yourself more marketable as an actor by adding the standard “American accent” to your repertoire. Be easier to understand, and more importantly, easier to cast.

The Classes

The Teachers

The Virtual Classrooms

Students can take the class together from the same location or with virtual students around the globe!

Our classes are reinforced with reading material, exercises, homework and Performances in Social Media Platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our teachers are working actors in Hollywood with BFA and MFA degrees from top universities.   

“Natural Communication Unique Collaboration Tools”


HAPA Online has designed virtual classrooms using accessible and innovative tools to create a safe and professional environment for teaching and training over the Internet. 

Principio Online AR
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